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Monitor08 (Eng)

Interpreting will at the end of life

Guidelines to guarantee the rights to legal capacity and dignified death.

As a result of the methodological route traced and followed, this document systematizes nine technical guidelines that will guarantee the right to a dignified death, to legal capacity and make operational the principle of the best interpretation of persons’ will and preferences.

These guidelines address the following matters: (1) the significance of making the best interpretation of the person’s will and preferences; (2) the need to assess the impossibility of giving consent of those for whom MAid is requested; (3) the composition of the support network; (4) addressing and ruling out conflicts of interest; (5) verifying that the health system has offered palliative care and the adequacy of the therapeutic effort ; (6) the role that both the medical records and previous conversations with care practitioners can play in the process; (7) the assessment of suffering in terms of the person’s life experience; (8) constructing the life narrative and the best interpretation of the will and preferences through interviews with the support network and; (9) the necessary consensus in the interpretation of the will and preferences.

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